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Are You Important Enough??

There is a lot to think about currently, it seems like the world is kinda upside down.

Things have changed in both our work and private lives, priorities are different.

When you go to work, be it in an office or at home (as so many of us are now) or on the shop floor - wherever your workplace is - what is the first thing you do?

Do you get things into order, a list for the day in order of importance or, do you just attack things as they sit in front of you with no real emphasis on what needs to be done first, in the middle or last?

I should imagine most of you are in the former category. Assess and prioritise, ensuring the most important work gets done first, am I right?

Some of you may carry this into your personal and home lives too. Mindful of having a well-run home where everyone and everything gets time, space and attention, things get done and everyone is happy.

How about when you think about yourself, are you the kind of person that analyses themselves and what’s important?

Particularly now the restrictions have been lifted to a degree and we’re approaching Christmas.

Are you prioritising things for yourself and your health - are you putting anything that needs attention personally at number 1 on your priority list?

The reason I ask is this;

I’d like you to consider what happens to the thing at number 1 in your work priority list?

I’d like you to consider what happens to the thing at number 1 in your family priority list?

I’d like you to consider what happens to the thing at number 1 in your household chore priority list?

It gets done! It Gets Finished! It Gets Completed! You Succeed!

I’ve been in this business for nearly 10 years and there is a common denominator with all people that have succeeded in what they set out to do. Running, cycling, swimming, triathlon, rock climbing, weight loss, body building, mobility, rowing, sailing, rehabilitation from injury …..the list goes on.

All of them made it their number 1 priority to succeed in whatever it was they were trying to do.

To complete anything with any degree of satisfactory success you must put it to the top, not number 3 or 4 but number 1 on your list of priorities. It’s exactly the same for your health, fitness and lifestyle. Otherwise there is a very real possibility that you’ll either not succeed, or you’ll only get a percentage of the result you were after.

Half cocked equals half the result. You will only ever get out precisely what you put in.

Are you important enough to put yourself at the top of your priority list and succeed?

If not, why not?

Doesn't everything else deserve to have you at your very best?

In Fitness & In Health

John ‘Not Selfish, Just Important’ Withinshaw

JDW Fitness

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