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Here's what Adam has to say;
"Where to start!? The service JDW Fitness provides is fantastic. I have never been the person to go to a gym to work out, but something about this company changed mine and my wife's perception of fitness and nutrition (and how this fits into life). We started with John around 6months ago. We approached him as my wife wanted to tone up and lose some weight (not that she needed to) and I had booked onto my first ultra marathon. We started at his WARRIOR classes. 3 times a week. 1 hour. Ace. So much more fun than going to the gym. They are full of energy, banter, like minded people and above else, professional and knowledgeable input from John

(or Nicky who is also excellent). As well as 12 classes over 4 weeks, you get a lot more for your money. Nutritional advice: No plans to stick to though, just tips to change your habits and the way you see food. E-mails: many, many emails about nutrition, weight loss, weight gain, running, races, blogs, motivation and many more!  They are all well researched and put together. Body composition measurements each month if you want.  We find this amazing for motivation and to see how you're progressing.  Fitness assessments: these are done at set intervals as a group to again see how you are progressing and also can highlight what you can work on next month.  I know I have ranted on but it is worth every penny to be part of JDW.  As proof that it works, I completed my first ultra at the weekend. 70km, 2000m of ascent. 6 months training at JDW, 4 runs/month on average, and I took 2.5hours off my target time".

"I'm sending a huge thank you to Nicky! I went into training wanting to increase my speed and build strength and confidence with my running. Through the interval training Nicky designed, I was able to focus on different muscle groups and how they all worked together to achieve my goals. I found it interesting what strength training did for my mind-set. I came out of training feeling much more confident in my capabilities, which I know will spill over into my running, all thanks to Nicky’s kindness and knowledge."    Kim W

"Big thank you to Nicky to training me for the last four weeks. The first week I literally felt like the unhealthiest I had ever been and so weak. Now I am already feeling much stronger and had made massive improvements in my fitness test from week 1 to week 4. My request was "I don't want someone who's just going to shout at me" and Nicky was brill. 

Katy B


"8 months ago I wasn’t doing any form of exercise…last week I ran the 10k Abbey Dash and that's pretty much down to John and JDW Fitness. I still can’t quite believe I managed to do it considering where I was at the beginning of the year. Just shows what you can achieve with some hard work and motivation from people around you!


The thought of going to a gym didn’t appeal to me as I knew I wouldn’t last longer than a week. Let’s just say self-motivation and exercise don’t exist in the same sentence with me and being left to my own devices in a big room with lots of equipment wouldn’t go well. The structure of the Warrior classes at JDW are exactly what I needed! You turn up at a fixed time three evenings a week and an hour later you’ve been guided through a near whole body work out, including stretches, without having to switch your brain on!


I joined JDW Fitness to improve my general health and fitness but I’ve got so much more out of the classes than this. Everyone is so friendly and the atmosphere generated in the classes is amazing, I’ve even noticed an improvement in my self-confidence. John knows exactly how to motivate people to get the best out of them and he knows his stuff when it comes to exercise and nutrition! Nicky is great too! I’d really recommend JDW classes to anyone, they are tailored so that people of all levels of fitness can take part in the same class and they are always varied so you never get bored 😊"

Katie H