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I'm very happy with the outcome of the event and I've enjoyed this year and learned alot and improved massively. I've got PBs for 10km and pretty much every race I've been faster than previous years without and tapering etc. Just off the back of what we've set out. It was more than just yesterday's race and so looking back there's loads of achievements across this training block so give myself a pat on the back for that. And yea big thanks to you and your support. Loved every minute.
Matt J

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SUB 20min 5k;

"I came to John about 2 years ago for some help to improve my 5k times and see if I could achieve a sub 20:00. Unfortunately I got injured right at the start of my training and couldn’t really run for almost a year. John took this time to go back to basics. We concentrated on strength and mobility. Loads and loads of strength work and then slowly increasing the intensity of my runs again. Most importantly, he taught me to have rest days and he does get cross if I don’t listen! I particularly enjoyed the variety of training such as olympic weightlifting, weighted vests and commando runs to name a few highlights of mine. Strength training is now a integral part of my routine and so are rest days.

John’s passion and belief in me was greater than my my own, as I did not really believe that I would be capable of running this pace. ‘As usual’ John was right.

His passion is reflected in what and how he does things and as result there were plenty of PBs and the occasional medal.

I am looking forward to continue with our training and to keep getting stronger (and who knows, maybe even faster?!)"

Esther H

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When I reached out to JDW fitness I was around 6 months Post Knee Surgery and 8 month Post Shoulder surgery. I couldn't run and I wasn't very confident in my shoulders ability to do anything. I had also put on around 12kg of weight. And greatly unsatisfied with government physio programmes.  My time with JDW fitness has unexpectedly been cut short but the results have far surpassed what I firstly thought was even possible in a years work nevermind around 5months. I've seen Nic on average only twice a week. She is not only a great Rehab and Fitness instructor but an amazing and genuinine person who from the off was friendly, professional and driven in helping me achieve what I reached out to her for. In 5 month I have went to physicaly not being able to run and bare any real weight on my knee to Having fast running times and being able to bare weight whilst running and  actually squat my bodyweight comfortably and safely.Furthermore  from not even wanting to lift my arm above my shoulder.. to confortably press weights above my head and do pull ups with ease. Given the chance I will be straight back to JDW. The results and confidence I have been given really is unbelievable.  Thank you so much

Josh W

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I just wanted to say how chuffed to bits I am with my endurance and strength after a year of training with you. The Lakes weekend is an epic test of fitness and I participated in 4 runs including 6 of us doing the hard run/walk on Friday up haystacks to Ennerdale & Wasdale, and I wasn’t at the back dropping off. Managed to finish 40 minutes ahead of the group behind. Scared of a few downhills so a bit of handholding

The power I have now is fab. Need more hill training to get a bit faster uphill but I’ve come home not exhausted but exhilarated and back in the gym this morning
Helen A

"I've always been a keen runner and into my fitness. Last October me and my partner had out first baby and although this has been an amazing and happy time for us, for the first time my activity and running dropped off to nothing for 10months and I started to feel really unfit and tired.

I Approached John in August and he has turned me around and been a major factor in helping me regain my fitness and in doing so making me feel 10x better in general.

He worked with me and we started slowly and built up the blocks of what I had lost over 10 months.... whilst understanding that my life had changed since having a baby and I didn't the same time I used to have. I acheived great results and gains from less than an hour an evening structured and perfectly suited training. I felt confident to follow the plan as it was clear that John knew exactly how to create the right programme for me and to push me the exact right amount.

I feel like I've got back that lost time now and have a proper understanding of how to train efficiently with less time than I used to have available!

Would definitely recommend john to anyone that needs a kickstart to their fitness goals!"

Craig L

"Big thank you to Nicky to training me for the last four weeks. The first week I literally felt like the unhealthiest I had ever been and so weak. Now I am already feeling much stronger and had made massive improvements in my fitness test from week 1 to week 4. My request was "I don't want someone who's just going to shout at me" and Nicky was brill. 

Katy B

"I'm sending a huge thank you to Nicky! I went into training wanting to increase my speed and build strength and confidence with my running. Through the interval training Nicky designed, I was able to focus on different muscle groups and how they all worked together to achieve my goals. I found it interesting what strength training did for my mind-set. I came out of training feeling much more confident in my capabilities, which I know will spill over into my running, all thanks to Nicky’s kindness and knowledge."    Kim W

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"Where to start!? The service JDW Fitness provides is fantastic. I have never been the person to go to a gym to work out, but something about this company changed mine and my wife's perception of fitness and nutrition (and how this fits into life). We started with John around 6months ago. We approached him as my wife wanted to tone up and lose some weight (not that she needed to) and I had booked onto my first ultra marathon. We started at his WARRIOR classes. 3 times a week. 1 hour. Ace. So much more fun than going to the gym. They are full of energy, banter, like minded people and above else, professional and knowledgeable input from John

(or Nicky who is also excellent). As well as 12 classes over 4 weeks, you get a lot more for your money. Nutritional advice: No plans to stick to though, just tips to change your habits and the way you see food. E-mails: many, many emails about nutrition, weight loss, weight gain, running, races, blogs, motivation and many more!  They are all well researched and put together. Body composition measurements each month if you want.  We find this amazing for motivation and to see how you're progressing.  Fitness assessments: these are done at set intervals as a group to again see how you are progressing and also can highlight what you can work on next month.  I know I have ranted on but it is worth every penny to be part of JDW.  As proof that it works, I completed my first ultra at the weekend. 70km, 2000m of ascent. 6 months training at JDW, 4 runs/month on average, and I took 2.5hours off my target time".

Adam L

"8 months ago I wasn’t doing any form of exercise…last week I ran the 10k Abbey Dash and that's pretty much down to John and JDW Fitness. I still can’t quite believe I managed to do it considering where I was at the beginning of the year. Just shows what you can achieve with some hard work and motivation from people around you!


The thought of going to a gym didn’t appeal to me as I knew I wouldn’t last longer than a week. Let’s just say self-motivation and exercise don’t exist in the same sentence with me and being left to my own devices in a big room with lots of equipment wouldn’t go well. The structure of the Warrior classes at JDW are exactly what I needed! You turn up at a fixed time three evenings a week and an hour later you’ve been guided through a near whole body work out, including stretches, without having to switch your brain on!


I joined JDW Fitness to improve my general health and fitness but I’ve got so much more out of the classes than this. Everyone is so friendly and the atmosphere generated in the classes is amazing, I’ve even noticed an improvement in my self-confidence. John knows exactly how to motivate people to get the best out of them and he knows his stuff when it comes to exercise and nutrition! Nicky is great too! I’d really recommend JDW classes to anyone, they are tailored so that people of all levels of fitness can take part in the same class and they are always varied so you never get bored 😊"

Katie H

Helen A.jpg

Such a friendly group and your support is amazing, it's the reason I still come!

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