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Updated: Mar 1

By Nicky Jenkins

"Consistency is the main driver that leads an individual towards the ultimate success."

Lady in ball dress with sunset in background

To demonstrate how key consistency is, I'd like to share with you a little story about my client, this fabulous lady called Brogan.

(pictured left)

Brogan is the epitome of consistency and the results speak for themselves.

This is not a 'before and after' as Brogans journey is still ongoing BUT we are celebrating today as it's an important day in that journey and what a journey it's been so far! Brogan started bootcamp with us not long after this photo was taken - Oct/Nov in 2022. She lacked self confidence, hated exercise, wore a jumper wrapped around her waist all the time while working out and weighed 98kgs. Then, exactly a year ago today, her lovely husband bought her our Silver Package for her birthday - 2 x bootcamps sessions and 1 x PT session per week for 6 weeks, (which she's renewed every 6 weeks since).

The main goal at the start was weight loss, which as most of us know, doesn't really happen in the gym, but in the kitchen. To aid Brogan with this side of the plan, I encouraged her to track her diet on My  Fitness Pal so we could assess where changes could be made. For the last 365 days, yes a whole year, she has religiously logged her food. Not missed a day. This includes the odd kebab, holidays, nights out, meals out. An honest account. EVERY SINGLE DAY. We put in no restrictions at all - just used it to be a bit more mindful. We upped the protein intake, swapped some snacks, I encouraged (still encourage) more veg and that was about it.

“Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.”

Lady in gym on ski erg

This didn't happen overnight. Patience, focus, determination and routine. She's hardly ever missed a workout either...

Today she weighs a healthy 80kgs.

Not only that but she has become increasingly strong - a bit of a bad ass in the gym - and toned in the process, not to mention much more confident and happy in herself.

I'm incredibly proud of what she's achieved with us, and also honoured to have played a small part in it. May the journey continue.

Brogan's thoughts, "I have enjoyed every part of the journey and I didn’t think I would find a love for something I used to hate, it’s change my mood, motivation and my health for the better "

Consistency counts in everything we do - if we want to get better at something. If you want to lift heavier, run faster, cycle further... small increments over time will yield greater results than smashing odd sessions at high intensity here and there.

We can all have our excuses, Brogan chose not to give herself any and look at the result.

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