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Updated: Sep 3, 2020

I'd like to share with you a story about one of my clients. His name is Tim.

Almost exactly a year ago, Tim came to me and asked for my help. I'd known Tim many years and had a few doubts, but thought it only fair to hear him out.

To give you a little background, Tim is one of those guys who knows how to have a good time, if you know what I mean?

Group photo of people at a Festival

Our paths had crossed many times in the past, in various pubs and places, so I was very aware of his past.

We all have a past.

Tim had also recently gone through a relationship break up and turned to me in a bid to prevent himself from spiraling out of control.

Getting in awesome shape is a great way of side stepping the possible carnage of life.

We started with Tim coming to the studio a few times a week for Personal Training. I introduced him to a lot of body-weight, core and resistance band work to begin with.

Most of the time was spent concentrating on good form while periodically increasing the weights he was using.

This all went really well for about a month and a half. Tim kept to his appointments and began to feel great. He never missed a session and was really getting into the whole exercise thing.

From this we started to use some of the bigger kit, like barbells and dumbbells, making the movements more complex and loads heavier, things were going really well.

Tim's form and posture was getting more and more solid and I had more and more confidence in his ability to handle the exercises I was giving him to do.

Tim now started to develop an idea of what he was after. A stronger, more mobile body as well as some definition and muscle tone.

It got to the point where I could now write a program for him and he'd turn up at the studio to do it without question, and minimal supervision.

I'd recently invested in the FITBOT system, an APP based program that enables me to program someone remotely via the internet - hugely useful piece of kit.

Using this system I can write programs which are complete with demo videos. I have already filmed a lot of the demo videos myself but I can add to it at any time if I think of a new or different exercise I want him to do. Tim follows the program using his phone and inputs his progress which I can see and comment on, update or change depending on what is needed. A truly awesome tool.

Anyway, things progressed really quickly and Tim decided that he wanted to do some running. Awesome - now we have something to base the workouts on. A goal!

I assessed his running technique in the studio. From this we identified a few muscle imbalances that needed ironing out and tweaked his technique a little.

6 months went by and Tim was now working out on his own. He followed the program written by me using the Fitbot app (which was now including specific strength and conditioning drills for runners), plus he was getting out and putting some steady miles in practice.

There's nothing better than a client who takes what you give them and gets on with it, no questions asked. Tim turns up 5 - 6 times a week to train and the results this guy is getting are outstanding.

We had entered the Mighty DeerStalker for March this year (as a goal) but sadly it got snowed off. Not to be put off Tim, Jason and myself went for an 11 mile head torch run in the snow around Kilburn instead. {We got automatic entry for next year at DeerStalker - can't wait}.

Runner at the Due North Skirfare Half Marathon by Foxgrove Photography

Since then, Tim has really found his running legs and taken on a few more solid trail/fell races. The first was in July which was brutally hot, about 28°C - Skirfare 1/2 marathon with 1000m of climbing.

The weather was harder to deal with than the hills but he got round in good style.

Next was the Sharpaw metric marathon (26.2 km or 16 miles). Much nicer conditions for this and a fast undulating course around the Dales. Another great run and T-Shirt #2 in the bag.

We then had a couple of weeks before Tim's first marathon. The SRMRT Forest & Moors Marathon at Dalby forest. This one had it's challenges, including the lack of way-markers on the moors section of the course! We all got round in good form and Tim earned his first ever medal!

Runners at Forest and Moors trail marathon at Dalby
SRMRT Forest & Moors

So, you're now up to speed on the story of Tim but please do watch this space for more on the JDW Fitness Facebook page. There are four of us (Tim, Jason Roberts, Nicky Jenkins and myself) entering the Endurancelife Northumberland coastal ultra of 35 miles.

This will be Jason and Tim's First Ultra marathon.

Tim has also unleashed his adventuring spirit and booked himself a place on an expedition to Everest Basecamp. As far as results go, you can't make this one up.

To say I have event/adventure envy is an understatement but I am totally impressed and hugely proud of what this lad has achieved over the last year.

It just goes to show that if you want something, you make it a priority and set about doing the work to get it done.

Foxgrove Photography picture of man pre-race face

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John 'Zero 2 Hero' Withinshaw

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