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"Daddy, can we go out and play?"

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

We have a few inspirational stories at JDW Fitness.

I won't say too much, as I think he says it pretty well himself.

Introducing my client Toby Cockcroft and in a few of his own words, how fitness has changed his life...


3 years ago this was a question I would dread. I was drinking to the point it controlled my life. The day was dictated by booze and if that question came in after a certain hour (sometimes mornings) it would be a definite NO!

When I could play or go for bike rides or runs with my children or simply “play in the woods“ I was so unfit, unhealthy, over weight and could manage no more than 10 mins before I longed for it all to end. My poor, poor children.

So how could things change?;

1. I admitted to myself that I was powerless over alcohol and my life had become unmanageable and alcohol could never be part of me again. 

2. Get Fit - I tried running and doing things myself but it was not working. My diet was shit and exercise ethic worse  - then one day in a Caf Nero queue I met Mr Withinshaw - aka JDW Fitness and before I knew it I was into his Dice morning training class - shit it hurt and I quickly realised what bad shape I was in. "Touch your toes" he said. - "Can’t" I replied. 

But I had the bug and 3 morning sessions a week soon lead to 1 PT session too. But that was not enough. I was learning and learning fast so it was 2 PT sessions a week and then the Warriors training 3 nights a week. 

Weights were being lifted 

Kettlebells swung 

Movement in my body 

Learning how to run properly and breathe correctly. The Monster Munch has to go !! 

But it was so worth it because .........

TODAY -  training is an important part of my daily routine. John has become a great friend. 

"Daddy can we go out and play?" - fuck yeah. Where are we going and how far can you handle - you bike and I will run. There are woods and forests and hills and views. Things and places right on my doors step that I have not explored or found for 20 years. But they are places of fun for me and my family. Fit Dad not fat Dad and long may it last.

Thank you Mr John !! 

It just proves it’s never too late to learn new things and change your life. I really enjoy working with this guy. It's not all about what I can teach clients, but also about what they can teach me.

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