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In Memory of Ben Campbell

Our 8th Year of running this little charity event and what a day it was!!

The sun was shining, the mud was a-plenty, and you all came out in force to show your support.

We had a total of 143 entries, with 118 toeing the start line on the day.

Huge thank you to everyone that helped out on the day - marshals, sweeper, spectators and sponsors (who enabled us to provide you with those awesome t-shirts without taking any of the funds from the race for the charity);

DD Electrical & Security Ltd

Race Results have been emailed out but are now also available on the website.

Congratulations to;

1st Male - Craig Gath

2nd Male - Daniel Molesworth

3rd Male - Julian Ollive

1st Female - Esther Harrison

2nd Female - Nayra Noble Vigil

3rd Female - Freya Brewer

And for everyone else who completed this very challenging course.

We were very lucky to have a marshal with a good camera and a great eye (at the top of a hill of course).

Photos have been shared are available to view on Flickr;

And if you fancy re-living the race, or checking out the route, our 2nd place Daniel Molesworth has done a great little video on You Tube.

We managed to raise a whopping £1,650 for our chosen charity - The Charlie Dallas Lancaster Foundation

The foundation was set up to support mental health charities and to help raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention. They provide grants and support for those in need, particularly when that help would ordinarily be at the end of a long waiting list.

Every year CDLF arrange "A MILE A LIFE" - which may interest some of you runners, but you don't have to be a runner to take part.

A mile a life is CDLF's largest event running from 23rd May – 23rd June (Charlies Birthday) each year. It brings a feeling of togetherness, something Charlie always created when he was around people. Anyone can get involved - it's all free. The aim is to collectively cover a mile for each death lost to suicide the year prior. A number that is so difficult to try and understand. Last year the devastating target was 5224.

All miles are linked to their club on Strava (which won't open until the day the Mile A Life challenge starts).

The encouragement is to come together as a community, to get outdoors, and to be a part of raising awareness. Perhaps using the challenge as an aim to better your own mental health, to reflect, or simply to create a new routine. This is a collective and inclusive experience and you can complete the miles any which way you like (walking, running, cycling, swimming, roller blading, playing golf, etc.).

We look forward to seeing you again at the Hooded Horse 10k next year, for what we feel might be the last year we organise the race (as much as we love it we feel that time might have come) so we aim to make it the best yet!!

Nicky & John

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