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Building the Engine


How do you go about building a powerful aerobic engine?

There is no short-cut (although some in the fitness industry would tell you otherwise). Sometimes you have to go backwards to go forwards and this is quite often where I take my clients - back to basics.

Aerobic training is all about creating a strong foundation and allowing the body to be as efficient as possible. For Ultra and Off-road runners, we also like to make the body as robust as possible. Miss too many steps in doing this and you are likely to become injured, or perhaps just fall short of your maximum potential.

Long, slow, steady state aerobic training (repeatable and sustainable in nature) does not always have to include running! In fact, the workouts I program for my running clients all feature skipping, rowing and the assault bike, a great compliment to any running training but would work for any endurance athlete.

As far as the weights are concerned, t's not about how heavy you can go but how long you can go.. and still feel like you're able to carry on at the end.

I'd like to share a video with you of one of the workouts I have programmed for my clients (and also for my own training) for strength and endurance - typically designed for an Ultra Runner, but you don't have to be an Ultra Runner to reap the benefits. Let me know what you think!

There are many different ways that you can build your aerobic engine, so if you don't have the kit but need some help, give me a shout (this type of training lends itself well to Online Programming).

We are trying to post up more content (i.e. stuff that people can actually take something from and utilise) on our Facebook and Instagram page too, so if you do social media give us a follow! JDW Fitness

John "What is your Threshold" Withinshaw

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