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Boxing is Therapy

I have been teaching Boxercise for nearly 3 years now, in various forms (grown-ups, after school clubs, teenagers). And what can I say? I just love boxing!

These days it's just the adults though.

While boxing is a great workout in itself, we try to keep the classes varied by adding in core work, HIIT, circuits and strength. Every Tuesday night 7pm - 8pm at the JDW Fitness studio.

Boxercise classes at the JDW Fitness studio in Thirsk
Boxercise every Tuesday night 7pm - 8pm

The ethos of Boxercise fits nicely alongside that at JDW Fitness, with a strong focus on form, technique and safety. We've all seen those people "windmilling" and whacking the hel out of the pads and it may sound good but it doesn't look pretty (and makes you highly susceptible to injury). Good form is required behind the force. Boxercise is also really simple to learn, as the punches are numbered, so it doesn't take too long to go from beginner to accomplished and knocking out some more impressive combinations. Occasionally I get asked to do one on one sessions, for general fitness or to work on technique. Recently I had a call to action from a friend who's getting married and was looking to de-stress from all the "wedmin" so booked a one on one boxing session. She's been to group classes before and is a bit of a natural so there were no issues with her beating the wedding nerves out with some high intensity pad work. Got me thinking that this could be a "thing";

Bride with Boxing Gloves

Beasting Boxing sessions for Brides to Be.....

Boxing is a fantastic stress reliever and excellent cardio training, as well as a great way to help tone up arms in the process. It works wonders on readying the upper body for a revealing wedding gown, but in reality, this was not the purpose of my bride's session. She's already got a fantastic figure. This session was purely to relieve all the frustration, aggravation and drama that undoubtedly comes with getting married. I think we achieved the aims of the workout. We all have stresses in our lives and there are many healthy options to choose from that can help.  Sometimes I like to choose the more relaxing options; a walk with friends, a hot bubble bath, a good book. More recently, I have added Vinyasa flow yoga and meditation into my weekly routine. Other times I need to get those endorphins pumping so will head out for a good run in the woods, lift some weights, or jump in at one of John Withinshaw's Warrior classes for a good all over body (sweaty) workout. Sometimes though, despite my non-aggressive nature, I just like to punch stuff. There is no greater feeling than working those stresses out with some great combos on the pads or the punch bag, sometimes with a few kicks thrown in for good measure (martial arts background - and because I've seen Karate Kid, of course). Tough day at work?? Come and hit something Partner annoying you?? Come and hit something You get my drift... So, if this has peaked your interest at all, and you require some willing arms to hold the pads while you box your worries away... the privilege of a one off, 1 hour private session will cost you £25.

Or perhaps you just want to work on your technique... If you require a more gradual progression - from beginner to cool combos, I can offer you a 6 week program, 2 x sessions per week for the fantastic value of £200! Give me a shout, email: if you require more info or wish to book.

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