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Kettlebell Workshop

Next Date TBC

10am - 4.30pm


A 6 hour workshop for BEGINNERS (with 30 mins for lunch)

Proper Kettlebell training opens up a world of strength, explosive power and stability.

Kettlebells are an incredible tool that help train all kinds of movements including hip drive, anti-rotation, shoulder mobility, thoracic (spinal) mobility, leg strength and endurance.

This is a thoroughly immersed class to learn the art of the Hardstyle kettlebell technique.

Fully instructed from the ground up to keep you safe and ensure you get the very best from this amazing strength tool.

You will be guided towards learning;


  • Breathing

  • Movement Patterns

  • Hip Hinge

  • Swing

  • Deadlift

  • Squat

  • Press

  • Windmills

  • Clean

  • Snatch

Spaces are limited on this workshop in order for this technique to be taught safely.


This could be of interest if you're a keen runner, cyclist, swimmer, footballer, rugby player, etc. and are looking to add some strength training to your regime to improve your performance.

Your workouts will never be the same again.

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