Wild Runner Program


This is a new kind of workout.groupriver

Bringing together different formats,

adding variety and a fresh challenge to

the group fitness system.

Bootcamps offer…

  • Static exercise drills

  • Shuttle runs 

  • HI IT (High Intensity Interval Training)

  • Large, awkward equipment for strength

  • Familiar surroundings

After the bootcamp you have to take yourself out for a run.leannehill


JDW Fitness has now combined the 2

to offer a more realistic way to train for your

obstacle/adventure race.


Let’s face it when you race

you aren’t doing these 2 disciplines separately.


Here’s how it works…

  • A 5K trail run around Cod Beck and Thirsk FlattsSoldier_running_in_water

  • A short river run

  • Quick burst exercise drills

  • Hill sprints & recover

  • Another trail run along the river side

  • More river running

  • Final blast around the meadow

  • More Quick burst exercise drills


Utilising the very best the Yorkshire countryside has

to offer.

From here it’s on to the JDW Fitness studio for some interval style

training, focusing on some of the challenges you’ll find at an obstacle race.

This is an exciting change to the usual bootcamp stylelisariver


Combining trail running, bodyweight exercises and 

hill sprints to give the ultimate whole body workout.


Here’s what Karl D said about his Wild Runner experience…

Beforehand I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, I thought it would be an off-road run with some mud thrown in but beyond that I didn’t have a clue.
 At the start of the run I was quite relaxed making progress, then came the river sprints which zapped some energy but recovery was quick, just in time for 8 minutes of bodyweight exercises which drained my energy levels further but were thoroughly enjoyable. We continued to cover distance trough steady terrain until we arrived at Pudding Pie Hill…the hill sprints were intense and energy sapping but fun all the more for it. From this point on it was steady pace to aid recovery culminating in a run around the Flatts. The distance wasn’t an issue, the intensity was just right for me and the feeling afterwards was one of a damn good Saturday morning workout.

Come and get race fitter.



These runs take place on most Saturday mornings with a variety of trail and multi terrain routes as a possibility.

Come to JDW Fitness HQ on Thirsk Ind Est (keep an eye on FACE BOOK for a different starting point) at 8:45am.

£6 for an individual session.

Email –  john@jdw-fitness.co.uk

Tel 07900 927 580


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