Men & Women Who Want To… 

Become An Obstacle Race Contender Not JUST An Entry!!! 

 Expect something different…

  • to the average gym based circuits.
  • …from the normal fitness class.
  • …than anything you’ve ever done before.
    Dirty Weekend, Don't Hang Around

    Rat Race Dirty Weekend, Don’t Hang Around


Expect to…

  • …build on your strength both physically and mentally.
  • …increase your endurance levels beyond what you are used to.
  • …perform functional movements that strengthen the core and body together.
  • …increase your body’s complete performance.
  • …experience camaraderie like nowhere else and have fun while you exercise.


For You To Be Ready For ANY Obstacle Race In As Little As 3 Months


Quality Circuits

Quality Circuits

Gyms provide you with…

machinery to use to train different parts of your body, good
benches and seats to support your body when you’re working out, also
drinks and food machines for when you have finished your workout, ok.

The WarriorFit Program provides you

Quality Circuits

Quality Circuits

with none of the above.


You’ll do this RAW,  You’ll do this REAL
You’ll do this whatever the weather as we train at the JDW Fitness Studio.
You’ll do this as a whole body experience not just bums and tums or legs.

You will use equipment to strengthen the muscles needed to support your body and improve movement patterns.

Training this way uses all planes of motion and WILL introduce you to muscles you never knew you had. 

Have you ever heard of a mace, Bulgarian bag or slosh ball?
Have you ever exercised using a sand bag, tractor tyre or rope? 

This just some of equipment we use at WarriorFit Underground. they are…

All The JDW Fitness Players at Total Warrior, Leeds 2015

All The JDW Fitness Players at Total Warrior, Leeds 2015

  • Functional – for improved movement patterns and joint stability
  • Awkward – to encourage core strength & Cardiovascular fitness
  • Heavy – increasing muscular strength


 Below are the dates for the start of 2017

  • Jan 4th – Jan 27th – COMPLETE
  • Jan 30th – Feb 24th – COMPLETE
  • Feb 27th – Mar 24th – Book Now
  • Apr 3rd – Apr 28th – Book Now
  • May 1st – May 26th – Book Now
  • May 29th – Jun 23rd – Book Now

Be sure to contact John at JDW Fitness and secure your place……

The WarriorFit Program is a monthly subscription

Take advantage of these great savings…

Buy 3 months of whole body Strength & Conditioning, and get 10% discount,


2 months of Whole body strength & Conditioning subscription and get 5% discount…

3 months, get 10% off

2 months, get 5% off

1 month, get 0% off

Program sessions take place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday 1830 – 1930 at the JDW Fitness Studio for 4 weeks at a time. Contact John if you want to come and have a look to see if it’s for you.

JDW Fitness

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