Men & Women Who Put Fitness Before Fat Loss


Performance Along Side Progress 


 There are more and more physical challenges now than ever before. 

So much focus is on weight loss, fat loss and the perfect body.

Getting Their GRRRRR on

Getting Their GRRRRR on at Major Series


But what makes the perfect body?

how it looks or how it performs?  

Getting and staying fit is a struggle for many people.

It’s easy to lose motivation if you train alone or your 
usual class or training routine doesn’t challenge you any longer.

Everywhere you go it’s all about weight/fat loss or bums and tums.

How about doing something that… 

  • Strives to help you get fit, strong and athletic?
  • Challenges you every time you come to a session, each week different to the last?
  • GUARANTEES to improve your exercise recovery rate?
  • Leaves you feeling energised, pumped and ready for action for any day?
  • Removes those feelings of lethargy and tiredness, replacing them with vitality?

The DICE-Body Fitness Program does all of the above.

All 6 girls completed the Ripon Spartan Race 2014. Leanne, Nicky, Suzanne, Heather B, Andrea & Lisa

All 6 girls completed the Ripon Spartan Race 2014.
Leanne, Nicky, Suzanne, Heather B, Andrea & Lisa

You Have Found An Exercise

Program That…


  • Will have you feeling the benefit after the very first week.
  • Focuses on fitness rather than fat loss.
  • Introduces you to new ways of improving your strength.                              
  • Gives you a whole body workout.
  • Has a camaraderie like no other.


“I have made some fantastic friends and the sense of camaraderie within events and training sessions alike, is second to none.”

Nicky J

DICE-Body fitness Program promises to deliver everything you need in an exercise class and more.

Whether you’re looking to improve your strength, endurance, overall performance or just want to make everyday life as easy as possible.

A healthier, leaner more agile body is a natural by product of this program where fitness, strength and recovery are the focus.

It’s time to ditch the scales and change your focus.

Stop counting calories and start counting your reps.

4 months of DICE and PT training with John and I’m stronger and fitter than I have ever been.



  • Fitness assessment
  • Body composition assessment
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Free recipe book and menu planner
  • An interval workout to do at home if you have to miss a


DICE-Body Fitness Workshops are all held at the JDW fitness Studio 06:30 am to  07:15 am Monday, Wednesday and Friday. See below for address.

The dates for 2017

  • Jan 4th – Jan 27th – COMPLETE
  • Jan 30th – Feb 24th – COMPLETE
  • Feb 27th – Mar 24th – Book Now
  • Apr 3rd – Apr 28th – Book Now
  • May 1st – May 26th – Book Now
  • May 29th – Jun 23rd – Book Now

Be sure to contact John  and book now to secure your place…….


This program is a monthly subscription 

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