I started with JDW Fitness as a guinea pig, when John first had the idea to run the morning boot camp sessions. I wasn’t sure at first but thought I’d give it a go as I didn’t do much Fitness and this would be completely different to what I was used to. All I can say is proof is in the pudding I’m still there all these years later, and still enjoy every session. John has pushed me from strength to strength and always has faith in me when I don’t myself. He is also always the first to wish me well in whatever I set out to achieve.  I have achieved so much in the few years I have been with John with this year been my best achievement after completing 2 Half Marathons, one of which was in Majorca, three 10 milers, Total Warrior obstacle race and countless 10km runs, not bad for someone who couldn’t run round the block. I am also 3 stone lighter and have so much more faith in myself, and it’s all from the help that John has given not just physically but mentally too, he has taught me if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything.


Having recently retired, I wanted to build up my strength and fitness levels to help keep me happy, healthy and active. I chose JDW fitness because of my daughter’s enthusiasm and the results I could see in her.  I love the early morning sessions which put me in a great frame of mind to tackle the day, so that I leave mentally alert and ready to tackle anything!  
The DICE programme over 4 weeks, allows me to train in a group under the expert direction of a knowledgeable coach. He challenges me to improve at my own pace within a fun, respectful and supportive atmosphere and I can definitely feel and see a difference at the end of every week. I truly appreciate the friendship and encouragement within the group.
I like to travel a lot but the flexibility offered by JDW fitness means I can join in again as if I have never been away.  Just perfect and I have such fun! 
Jean Y


Having Fibromyalgia, I was apprehensive about starting PT sessions. However, John has created a program that is both manageable and challenging. I am very happy with the progress I have made, and have achieved far more than I ever thought I could. He has made sure he factors in my individual needs and understands the unpredictable nature of my condition, which can mean we have to change the plan for the session on the day. He has also made the effort to understand my hobby, horse riding, and looked into exercises that will help me improve my strength and stamina when riding. The benefits I have felt from starting PT sessions are immense and I would definitely recommend JDW Fitness to anyone looking to improve their fitness. 

Claire W


I have learn’t so much after just 4 months of personal training with John – his holistic approach to health and fitness really works.  From learning and improving running technique, nutrition support and advice (including recipes), correct exercising techniques, stretching routines, information emails and exercise programmes to do at home…John is so knowledgeable and a true professional.  His support and encouragement have been invaluable, and my progress within just 4 months has been significant.  He is constantly evolving, learning, changing things and improving.  He also prides himself in finding new team events for clients to enter – there is a real camaraderie between us. Last but not least, he even taught me how to tie my trainer laces properly to stop my toe nails falling off.   Thank you John and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend JDW Fitness.

Alison Clarke


I started training with JDW Fitness over a year ago and in that time I have achieved an awful lot. My strength, endurance and speed have all improved dramatically and I have met a lot of amazing and like minded people. I have made some fantastic friends and the sense of camaraderie within events and training sessions alike, is second to none. My own personal achievements are accumulating, including 5k and 10k obstacle races and a 10 mile race around the hills of Scotland at night with a head torch on. There is currently no limit to the possibilities of accomplishments and if you’re serious about whatever it is you want to do, John Withinshaw will give you the tools and the encouragement to reach your goals and beyond them.

Nicky J


I can not recommend JDW Fitness highly enough…4 months of bootcamps and PT training with John and I’m stronger and fitter than I have ever been. Ive just completed my first muddy obstacle race with a JDW ladies team and could not have got through it without the guidance, knowledge, support and encouragement of John. The ladies team has already signed up for our next race, just days after completing out first one! There is a real sense of community and I’ve found some great friends along the way.

Andrea SSpartan Ladies

Highly recommended. The early DICE classes are very up beat and motivational. Really good vibe with all that go, and vey friendly……I,m addicted

Lisa B


“Working with John has really opened my eyes to the importance of exercising and developing core strength, not just for sporting goals but also for the benefit it can bring in everyday life.  Although I still have some way to go to achieve all my goals I am noticing a real difference in my strength, appearance and the impact this is having on my day to day life.  For the first time in years I feel confident walking down steps that do not have a hand rail.”
Fiona W



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