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Racers With Little Time To


Get Race Fit In 21 Days…


It can be real frustrating when times not on your side.

Life has a habit of getting in the way when…

  • There’s a race you entered only weeks away and you need to get in shape, Fast.
  • You work a shift pattern that classes don’t run in line with.
  • Family constraints prevent you reaching the classes you need.
  • Fit pro’s in your area don’t cater for what you want or are too far away.
  • Your not comfortable working out with other people.


All Is NOT Lost…                            frustration


If you have entered a race then the chances are

You’re quite committed to doing it, yes?

The 21 Days to Fit workout uses no equipment so…

  • You can do it pretty much anywhere
  • It doesn’t cost a fortune in kit
  • Progression is as limited as you are (it can always be made a little harder)
  • The exercises can be changed any time, (variety is the spice of exercise)
  • The intensity can be changed any time, (how brave are you)?


All it costs is £57 for a 3 week full training plan.




  • You will receive a full colour recipe book full of healthy meal ideas.
  • A meal planning guide to help you make the most of the recipe book
  • Each days exercise delivered straight to your inbox the day before you need it
  • A progress tracking sheet to help keep you motivated.


Use this program to your fullest Ninja potential, following

the guidelines stated and… 

I guarantee!  you will get fit enough

to take part in any obstacle race in super fast

time or I’ll refund you the full £57 back.